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  • Philosophy

    Open Road Holdings was formed with the singular belief that people are a company’s greatest tool for success. Our focus is on working with management teams to strengthen and build cultures of highly engaged employees while increasing shareholder value for all invested parties. We leverage our extensive financial and operating experience, network, and flexible capital to support our management team partners in accomplishing their goals for long-term value creation.


    Open Road utilizes a combination of “aligned” incentives, a flexible investment horizon, and the desire to be a value-added partner to collaboratively provide support in strategic planning, talent acquisition and development, operational improvement, and capital for growth and acquisitions. Our primary focus is to patiently grow enterprise value without the mandate and term restrictions of a fund. We are looking to partner with owners and management teams who are seeking growth capital, partial liquidity, or simply an exit.

  • Partnerships

    Enjoying the people we choose to partner with and spend our time around is at the core of our approach to all relationships.

    For Company Owners

    People are the greatest asset in a business. It is our belief that building on the strength of the culture that brought your company to where it is today is essential to the long-term success of the organization and for the well-being of your people.

    For Intermediaries

    A practice of partnership, responsiveness, and helpfulness are at the core of our philosophy in how we treat our deal source friends. We have spent our careers developing and cultivating relationships across the deal community and believe in paying it forward. If an opportunity is not a fit for Open Road, we will work to come up with ideas and introductions to help friends find a home for their clients.

  • People

    The founding principals have many years of collective investing, operating, and advising experience in small companies. Our team’s skills and relationships provide an extensive and deep network of resources to support our management team partners.

    Whit Webster


    Whit started Open Road Holdings with the sole purpose of pursuing his vision for acquiring and supporting companies in their achieving the next level of growth... read more

    Brian Weisman


    Brian brings a broad entrepreneurial background to Open Road Holdings, having started, grown and advised many types of businesses prior to joining the firm... read more

    Pete Wilson


    Pete joined ORH as a natural progression of his career in investment management and technology, and his success and enjoyment as an investor and advisor in the Search Fund industry... read more

  • Vision + Beliefs


    To be an example for the world that highly engaged organizations can provide employees opportunities for growth and generate greater returns for all stakeholders.


    Culture starts at the top alignment, trust, and focus begin with the ownership group.


    Trust is the foundation for a healthy work environment trust is mutual, it cannot be expected to flow one way. It is earned by consistently doing what you say you are going to do.


    Communication fosters trust, creativity, and alignmentconsistent, honest communication creates an environment where trust can grow, creativity can flourish, and alignment becomes possible.

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